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Campion was established in 1927 and is a company that represents Manufacturers of Security, Audio Visual, Controls and Infrastructure products. We are a valued Manufacturers Rep, and "We Think Differently"! We work hard to be the ONE VALUABLE TOOL you keep in your back pocket.

Our whole world has changed. EVERYONE is not only connected, but EVERYONE has access to EVERYTHING at the click of a mouse. Campion has ways of conferencing and demonstrating products IRL (in real life) or remotely, which is the way of the world as we know it today. As a company we thrive and adapt our way of life and doing business to meet the needs of our customers now and in future.

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CAMPION Event Registration

Campion Technology Showcase (CTS) is Campion's premiere event, presenting the lastest in product solutions from our partners. CTS is always free and packed with state of the art technologies. Come meetup with the best in your field!

Top Golf is a golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your local hang out spot. Check out our videos on CampionTV to see the past success of these events. Look out for more events and registration details...

Golf clubs are provided, or bring your own.
Seats are limited, register today.

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A Powerful Integration of Access Control

Protege LCD Touchscreen Keypad provides a sleek, user friendly human interface to the Protege integrated system, providing seamless and powerful integration of access control, security and building automation. In addition to sophisticated access features the keypad incorporates system monitoring and control. Authorized users are able to perform arming and disarming, monitor inputs, control outputs and manage user access, all from the convenience of the keypad.

YES you can Paint Microphone Ceiling Tiles

It's possible to paint Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile in order to match room decor. The standard white appearance fits most drop-ceiling tile appearances; but painting may be necessary to match certain room aesthetics.

Training Digital Signage Cloud Platform

Watch this video to learn how easily to get started with SpinetiX ARYA digital signage cloud platform and its free DISCOVERY plan / signing-in, adding your player(s), creating/scheduling your content and publishing it on display.

Simple Plug-and-play display controller

Atlona AT-DISP-CTRL is a compact display controller, designed for small meeting spaces and huddle rooms. The DISP-CTRL detects connection of a source device with an active signal, and then automatically sends a control command to power up a display.