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Campion was established in 1927 and is a company that represents Manufacturers of Security, Audio Visual, Controls and Infrastructure products. We are a valued Manufacturers Rep, and "We Think Differently" We work hard to be the ONE VALUABLE TOOL you keep in your back pocket.

Our whole world has changed. EVERYONE is not only connected, but EVERYONE has access to EVERYTHING at the click of a mouse. Campion has ways of conferencing and demonstrating products IRL (in real life) or remotely, which is the way of the world as we know it today. As a company we thrive and adapt our way of life and doing business to meet the needs of our customers now and in future.

Walk our road to success! Witness our growth for yourself.

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Protecting Restrooms, Stop Drug Use, Breathe Better, Personal Security and Trigger Panic Buttons.

Welcome Taylor Watson- Solution Specialists

Campion is excited to have Taylor Watson on our Solution Specialist Team and he brings much value within the audio visual industry. Please give him a call at #(972) 948-2391,, his territory is S.LA, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and The Valley, Texas.

Welcome to Campion TV

Campion TV offers powerful variety of manufacturer's tutorials, demos, events, and testimonial videos related to security, audio visual and infastructure technologies.

Zero-Waste Future - Paige Datacom is Environmentally Proud

At Paige, we are committed to being environmentally responsible and proud to do our part to help move towards a zero-waste future. For over a decade we’ve used recyclable cardboard boxes in lieu of traditional plywood reels, stopping over 120 million lbs. of package waste from heading to landfills and saving nearly 400 thousand trees from being cut down.